Navy League Meritorious Council 2014


The Navy League of the United States is a civilian organization dedicated to informing the American people and their Government that the United States of America is a maritime nation and that its national defense and economic well being are dependent upon strong sea services - United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and US Flag Merchant Marine.

The heart of the Navy League is the individual council. The Phoenix Council is essential to meeting the mission and goals of the Navy League because our citizen patriots have a long history of strong support and dedication to:

  • Educating community leaders about the importance of sea power to our nation's survival and continued prosperity
  • Directly supporting the men and women serving in the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and US Flag Merchant Marines
  • Supporting Sea Service family members - the parents, spouses, children and other relatives of Service members
  • Supporting the youth of our communities by giving time, talent and money to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Naval & Marine Corps Junior ROTC units

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